Pricing varies across projects and is contingent on two main factors:

(1) The amount of time we spend on the project and (2) the complexity of the project.

Here are 2 simple tips to reduce your cost: (a) Prepare the content yourself and (b) if you can, sketch what you need us to bring to life (even rough drawings are welcome). We can prepare the content and drawings ourselves, but because this requires that we do additional research to understand your work, more time and therefore more money is required to complete your project.

As for our personal blog package, the price is $1000 per blog, for a processing time of 1 month (first comes first served basis). All that is requested of you in term of content creation is your full CV and all the images you can lay your hands on – THAT’S ALL. Note that this product comes with a bonus: a 1 – 1.5 minute long FREE 3D animation footage of your research interests OR key discoveries, a product worth $3000 completely free